Webinar: Studies of Learner Engagement in Digital Learning

Session Title: Studies of Learner Engagement in Digital Learning

Presenter: Dr. Kui Xie, The Ohio State University

Date/Time: Monday, April 29 at 11:00am-12:00pm EST

Description: Students’ engagement in school has been well established as an important factor related to academic achievement. As such, research has increasingly focused on the nature of various forms of engagement (e.g., behavioral, cognitive, emotional, and social engagement) as well as the interaction among them. These forms of engagement may work together in representing students’ well-being and predicting their academic performance at school. A large body of research clearly indicates that when learners believe that information is interesting, valuable and intrinsically meaningful, and when learners believe that they will be successful within an academic domain, they are more likely to learn the information, and to engage in behaviors related to those beliefs. Therefore, engagement and motivation are closely related concepts. They both play important roles in influencing academic performance and success in both traditional and digital learning environments.

In this talk, Dr. Kui Xie of The Ohio State University’s College of Education and Human Ecology, will contextualize the concepts of learner engagement in digital learning environments. Digital learning has enabled universities and colleges to extend learning opportunities to students who cannot attend traditional classes due to time or location constraints. Yet the physical isolation between students and teachers creates challenges for both, especially in communication. Student motivation often suffers and their engagement declines as a result of this isolation. More specifically, Dr. Xie will address important questions, such as, what are the empirical evidence representing the different perspectives of learner engagement in digital learning, what are types of motivation, what are the research evidence showing the relationship between motivation, engagement, and performance in online classes and also in traditional classrooms? He will summarize several of his research projects and findings to support his responses to these questions. Dr. Xie will also propose design considerations to support students’ experience in digital learning, which will also have implications to traditional classrooms.

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About Dr. Kui Xie

Headshot of Dr. Kui XieDr. Kui Xie is Cyphert Distinguished Professor and director of The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning in the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. He also is chair of the Learning Technologies program in Department of Educational Studies at OSU. His research interests include: motivation and engagement in digital learning, K-12 technology integration and teacher professional development, technology intervention and learning environment, and learning analytics and research methods. He has numerous publications and presentations in top academic journals and professional conferences related to these topics. Xie is a member of the editorial boards of Contemporary Educational Psychology and Internet and Higher Education. He served as president for American Educational Research Association Special Interest Group Design and Technology, and section chair for AERA Division C Section 3.A. Learning Environments. In 2017, Xie received the EHE Distinguished Research Award from The Ohio State University. He also received a Chang Jiang Scholar Award from the Chinese Ministry of Education. To learn more about Xie’s research, please visit http://dl.ehe.osu.edu/

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