Learner Engagement SIG Webinar Series #3

Presenter: Daniel Hickey, PhD, Professor of Learning Sciences, Indiana University

Title: Expansive Framing for Productive Online Engagement, Generative Learning, and Enduring Achievement

Description: This presentation will summarize a framework for fostering highly productive forms of disciplinary engagement in online courses.  Expansive framing follows from situative theories of knowing, learning, and transfer. Student engagement is framed in terms of time (building on past to contribute to the future), place (beyond the class), and role (co-authors contributing to broad knowledge). Open assignments are used to engage learners publically with disciplinary concepts, learning resources, peers, and instructors.  After each assignment, public reflections informally assess engagement, while private quizzes semi-formally assess understanding.  Discrete time-limited multiple-choice exams formally assess disciplinary achievement and motivate continued engagement. Examples and evidence from fully online secondary, undergraduate, and graduate courses will be presented.

Facilitator: Kay Seo, PhD., President of the Learner Engagement SIG, University of Cincinnati

Date: Thursday, April 26, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT

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