We are proud to announce the 2021 AECT Learner Engagement Division (LED) award winners! Without the service of outstanding individuals, the LED would not be as successful and active as it is. Each year, the LED awards individuals and groups within the academic and corporate communities who have contributed innovative ideas and materials to the advancement of learner engagement. Recipients are awarded at AECT’s annual convention.


Maria C. R. Harrington

Outstanding Digital Learning Artifact

Description: This award recognizes the most engaging and/or innovative elearning modules, lessons, video, or other artifacts. The artifact should be an original creation used to engage learners in a unique and inventive way.

Winner: Maria C. R. Harrington

Doris Bolliger

Outstanding Publication

Description: This award recognizes a print or digital publication (ex. article, book, blog, special journal issue) with a copyright date within the past year that describes important research or practice in the field of learner engagement.

Winner: Doris Bolliger & Florence Martin

Florence Martin
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