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Engagement in the learning process is a critical consideration for building powerful learning experiences and maximizing instructional goals and student achievement.

The Learner Engagement Division (LED) of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) seeks to promote a deep understanding of learning and engaging in the design and development of instructional interventions, raise awareness of the new implications technology has on learner engagement, and foster innovative instructional strategies to increase learner engagement. We also want to stimulate a vibrant dialogue about the evolution of learner engagement and contribute to shaping the direction of effective pedagogy and instructional design through the collection of research, strategies, and tools.

As more and more educators become concerned with engaging their learners (as evident with Google search trends below), the need for a collaborative group about the topic becomes more evident. It is important to note that “learner engagement” can be synonymous with “student engagement” and other derivatives.

The Learner Engagement Division (LED) will promote research and discussions through a variety of media such as Facebook and Twitter. The social media aspect of the LED is designed to bring together AECT members interested in both learning more about learner engagement and sharing research, strategies, and experiences, and allow them to participate in the inquiry involved with instructional design, pedagogical strategies, changing technologies, and ways to support the implementation and evaluation of different forms of learner engagement. The LED will be both an active and interactive space, geared toward bringing together researchers and practitioners in a common area to ask and answer questions in order to inform the study of and application of strategies that address learner engagement.

Webinar Series

Throughout the year we welcome leaders and visionaries in research, training and development, and K-12 and higher education. Join us to contribute to the dialogue on engaging learning!


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LED Leadership Team


Kay Seo


University of Cincinnati

Anne Fensie

Anne Fensie

GSA Representative

University of Maine


Scott Gibbons

President-Elect and Communications Officer

University of Cincinnati

Angel Pazurek

Angel Pazurek

Representative to AECT Board

University of Minnesota

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